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Preventing and Healing Running Injuries with Dr. Leo C. Kormanik II

Tickets are $5 to save your seat, but you will be given a $5 credit upon arrival to the talk :) 

You've been running all summer, perhaps most of your life, and have fallen prey a time or two or twenty to the typical running injuries. Or maybe you have been wanting to sign up for your first race and want to start running but all this talk about runner's knee, plantar fasciitis, and IT bands are making you a bit skittish! Then you need to come hear Dr. Leo Kormanik speak on running injuries, how to prevent them and other pitfalls in the sport of running!! A pro runner himself and expert on running injuries of all types, both personally as a runner as well as professionally as a sports physician, Dr. Kormanik brings unique and expert knowledge and insight in how to be the most effective and healthy runner possible. As an accomplished runner who made it to one of the highest platforms of running in qualifying for the Olympic Trials for the marathon he himself has been plagued by most, if not all, common running injuries. As a sports physician who has had the privilege of working with athletes at the top of their field, including at the Olympic Training Center in CO Springs, he is driven to constantly find new, innovative and effective treatments for his patients. He will give you practical tools and effective practices to help you overcome injuries you are currently facing and help you avoid any future ones to help you stay healthy and run better! But more importantly, he will talk about how to once again enjoy the activity you did most as a kid, run.

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